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Updated - 01/26/00. The Adirondack screen saver now consists of 20 high resolution photos of scenes of the magnificent Adirondack Mountains including one photo of a white tail deer. Screen saver settings allow you to use any of the photos for your desktop wallpaper and to select numerous screen saver transition effects. You can view a table of thumbnail photos included in the screen saver by clicking here.

This screen saver is a self extracting .exe file. Download and save it to your hard drive, then execute it from your file manager. For more detailed instructions, click here. This is a full version and is not limited in any way. Feel free to use it as you please. If you like it, we would appreciate a payment of $9.95 sent to the address below. However, by downloading this screen saver you are not obligated in any way. Enjoy the scenes of the Adirondacks!

Download adk-no4.exe, file size 2,495 kb.

Here is our newest screen saver, Adirondack Scenes II completed 10/15/2003. This screen saver consists of 17 high res photos. To view some of the photos on this screen saver, click here.

Download Adirondack Scenes II, file size 2.7mb.

Comments, questions or suggestions about our screen savers? Your feedback is valued and welcome. If you experience any problems, please let us know. E-mail us with the particulars including your OS, resolution, color depth, etc. and we'll reply as soon as possible. Of course we'd also like to know if you enjoy our screen savers.

Send screen saver payment to:

Clark J. Seaman
PO Box 254
Long Lake, NY 12847

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